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Woodworking in your own home Made Easy With a Circle Jig


Makita RT0701C Optimize your woodworking aware of two simple jigs. Two of some of the most common cuts are a straight cut plus the circle cut. In case you learn how to do these perfect each and every time your woodworking will improve dramatically. Within this first article we’ll go through the circle jig.

The circle jig can be used throughout the router or possibly a jigsaw. I shall describe the router jig first and let you know about the differences located on the jigsaw jig later. You think about with a piece of 1/2plywood about 7wide and 30inches long.

The 1st step: mark holes to be drilled for mounting the fixed base of your router, they’re no good if they’re not exact, the drill bit exactly the same size to be your screw, the base doesn’t shift and you can thread the screws up within the jig into your router base. You are mounting the router base on one end of the 7x 30plywood. Drill the holes
Step two: when you have drilled the mounting holes for your own personal base, then centered between those holes use a hole saw to chop a 1 1/2to 2hole that your chosen router bits will be positioned in as soon as the base and router are attached.

Step three: mount the router base and router towards the jig using the straight bit you would like to use this particular jig. I decided to use a 1/4straight bit for this.

Step four: take a square and run it down the fringe of the plywood until it touches the router bit upon the long side considering the board, draw a line. This is the inside cutting edge of one’s bit and also where you will definitely measure down the board to have the different radii marked.

Makita RT0701C

Step five: along the same axis clearly as the bit, draw a line perpendicular to it, up the reason for the board. Measure from the bit’s inside edge line, along the center of the board in a single inch intervals, and mark those 1 inch intervals. Drill holes at the 1marks with a drill bit precisely the same size just like the nail or screw you desire to use as your pivot for your jig. Mine head over to 24inches and so i could make a 48circle using it.

To work with, you surely choose the reason behind your circle at your project, drill a small hole to take on your pivot and insert the nail or screw within the jig, with the radius mark you might need, to earn the proper size circle. Then continue into the center hole on your private project using the pivot to cut your circle in quarter inch increments so that they can not over work your router motor.

To create this for getting a jigsaw you have to ensure that the pivot plus the front edge of the jigsaw are in the very same axis so as to minimize blade deflection, and since jigsaws do not have threaded holes to mount it to the jig you’ll need to design a frame besides the jig to hold the saw set up. Simple 1×1 strips usually works glued and screwed tight from the jigsaw base to hold it there is going to function
Routing is most common given that this is the name of a given machine. When these CNC woodworking machines are employed for routing, a vacuum or clamps have made a habit of hold wooden panels upon the machining table. According to size and production needs, one will have the option of purchasing a machine with one or two tables keeping 1-4 router heads working 2-5 axes. Regardless of which features a shop requires, it will still be able to discover a used CNC router to buy that meets its needs.

Makita RT0701C Nesting is the other method that woodworking shops employ to cut wooden panels.

Smaller shops will probably use this method seeing that it can easily be completed without having the using of a panel saw. These size shops actually benefit from not having a panel saw on the floor because small, custom orders can be completed without the utilization of a table saw. One of the simplest ways for smaller shops to guarantee a reliable yield without spending an excessive amount funds are to acquire equipment within a liquidation sale.


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